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  • 61 Animated Surgical Procedures
  • Actual foot photographs and x-ray images used
  • Ability to pause animation at any point
  • CD-ROM version allows the user to "click and drag" on-screen bones to explain certain procedures
  • Unattended cycling through all animations
  • Easy-graphical user interface with mouse support
  • Voice narration of all procedures
  • Written by DABPS, FACFAS Podiatric surgeon
Includes the remarkable Skeletal Model Add On!
FREE! A $99.95 Value

Use the amazing skeletal models add-on to "drag and drop" the bones into position and fixate with various fixation devices. This is a fantastic way to demonstrate surgical prodeures. Included in the Skeletal Models add-on are:
  • Lapidus Prodedure
  • Austin Bunionectomy
  • Austin with long arm for 2 screws
  • Closing Base Wedge Osteotomy
  • 1st MP J Fusion
  • Scarf Bunionectomy
  • Foot Puzzler (for fun!)
  • There is no other animation product that can be as beneficial at any price.

    Note: All animations contain narration so turn your sound on to listen to narrations. Animations work best with broadband internet connection. Please be patient, it may take a moment to download the Flash examples.

    Bunionectomy Procedures

      1. Austin bunionectomy with K-wire fixation
    This is the classic Austin using a single .062 inch K-wire for fixation.

      2. Austin bunionectomy with single screw fixation
    Austin bunionectomy with single screw fixation - Similar to the above animation but uses a single screw for fixation.

      3. Austin bunionectomy with long dorsal arm
    This Austin uses two screws for fixation.

      4. Austin bunionectomy with absorbable pin fixation
    As the name implies, two absorbable pins are shown as fixation.

      5. Austin bunionectomy with Akin osteotomy
    This procedure is shown without fixation to allow the surgeon to explain their personal preference and technique.

      6. Scarf (Z) bunionectomy
    Two screw fixation shown for this procedure.

      7. McBride bunionectomy
    Classic McBride shown with sesamoidectomy.

      8. CBWO with screw fixation
    Uses an oblique wedge osteotomy to allow for screw fixation.

      9. CBWO with Akin osteotomy
    This procedure is shown without fixation to allow the surgeon to explain their personal preference and technique.

      10. Akin bunionectomy with screw fixation
    This is a modified Akin using a long oblique wedge osteotomy of the proximal phalanx to allow for single screw fixation.

      11. Akin bunionectomy with monofilament wire fixation
    Uses a transverse osteotomy. May also be used to explain k-wire or staple fixation.

      12. Logroscino Procedure
    Closing base wedge osteotomy with screw fixation combined with a Reverdin Osteotomy and monofilament wire (or non-absorbable suture) fixation. May also be used to illustrate the principle behind a Reverdin bunionectomy.

      13. Keller Bunionectomy
    Treatment of 1st MPJ DJD.

      14. Cole Midfoot Osteotomy

      15. Weil Lesser Metatarsal Osteotomy

      16. Austin Bunionectomy with Youngswick Modification

    Lesser Metatarsal Osteotomies

      17. V-Osteotomy
    Can be used to demonstrate "floating" osteotomy or with k-wire fixation.

      18. Oblique Tilt-up Osteotomy
    Shows both the frontal and sagittal plane view of this osteotomy and fixation with k-wire or screw.

      19. 1ST Met-Cuneiform Exostectomy
    Resection of classic saddle bone deformity.

    Digital Arthroplasties

      20. Straight Incision
    Proximal phalangeal head resection of a lesser digit using longitudinal incision.

      21. Converging Semi-elliptical Incision
    As above but excises the dorsal corn via semi-elliptical incisions.

      22. Fifth Toe Derotational Arthroplasty
    Correction of varus rotated fifth toe with heloma involves derotation skinplasty via two semi-elliptical incisions followed by proximal phalangeal head resection.

    Digital Fusions

      23. Peg and Hole
    Lesser digital arthrodesis using peg and hole technique.

      24. End to End
    Shows the correction of a rigid hammer-toe by fusion w/ k-wire fixation. This animation can also be used to demonstrate a lesser digital arthroplasty with pinning.

      25. Subungual Exostectomy
    Minimal incision approach is used to reduce this deformity.

    Tailor Bunionectomy Procedures

      26. Reverse Austin for Correction of Taylors' Bunion

      27. Tailor's Bunion correction with k-wire fixation
    Partial ostectomy of the lateral aspect of the fifth metatarsal head followed by an oblique wedge osteotomy and k-wire fixation.

      28. Tailor's Bunion Correction w/ screw fixation
    Single screw fixation for the treatment of deformed fifth metatarsal.

      29. Tailor's Bunion Correction w/ Monofilament wire fixation
    Fifth metatarsal osteotomy with stainless steel wire fixation.

      30. Tailor's Bunion Correction without fixation
    Sliding oblique fifth metatarsal osteotomy without fixation. May be used to demonstrate reverse Austin for tailor's bunion correction.

      31. Simple Exostectomy
    Treatment of hypertrophy of fifth metatarsal head by exostectomy.

      32. Mallet Toe Correction
    Both a flexor set procedure and a DIPJ arthroplasty procedure are shown.

      33. Tarsal Tunnel Release
    Release of the laciniate ligament for the treatment of tarsal tunnel syndrome.

      34. Digital Ostectomy
    Partial phalangeal head resection for treatment of interdigital corn. Both an MIS and an open technique are shown.

      35. Ostectomy For HM-5
    MIS resection of distal-medial aspect of 5th toe distal phalanx.

      36. Haglund's
    Resection of retro-calcaneal exostosis.

      37. Heel Spur Procedures
    Open procedure using the traditional medial approach. EPF procedure shows transection of medial band of the plantar fascia. Both procedures start with a short animation as to the etiology of heel pain. NEW!! Extracorporeal Shock Wave Treatment (ESWT) is also demonstrated.

      38. Excision of Retro-Calcaneal Spur with Re-attachment of Achilles Tendon

      39. ESWT
    NEW!! Extracorporeal Shock Wave Treatment (ESWT) is demonstrated.

      40. Orthotics
    A gait cycle animation showing pull of plantar fascia as a contributing factor to heel pain. Also includes an animation showing how an orthotic helps during the gait cycle.

      41. Regnauld Procedure
    Treatment of hallux limitus by phalangeal osteotomy.

      42. Metatarsus Adductus Correction
    Uses an oblique osteotomy with screw fixation at the base of the first metatarsal as well as using small screw fixation for the lesser metatarsal basal osteotomies.

      43. First MPJ total joint implant
    Uses the standard Swanson hinged implant for replacement of a 1st MPJ with DJD.

      44. Neuroma Eexcision
    Dorsal approach to removal of an intermetatarsal neuroma in the third interspace.

      45. Partial Nail Excision
    Shows the splitting of the nail and partial avulsion. The animation of the matrixectomy, is shown using sharp excision (Frost procedure), chemical destruction (Phenol), and laser excision.

      46. Total Nail Excision
    Permanent nail removal, complete.

      47. Wart Procedures
    Animations showing sharp excision, laser excision, hyfercation, and cryosurgical treatment of plantar wart.

      48. Plantar Fibroma
    Excision of plantar fibroma.

      49. Bio-action
    Bio-action Great Toe Implant

      50. Sharp Excision
    PARTIAL NAIL EXCISION of ingrown toenail.

      51. Chemical Destruction
    PARTIAL NAIL EXCISION of ingrown toenail.

      52. Plantar Wart Removal
    EXCISION OF WART by CO2 Laser.

      53. Plantar Wart Removal
    EXCISION OF WART by Hyfercation.

      54. Plantar Wart Removal
    EXCISION OF WART by Cryosurgery.

      55. Mallet Toe Correction
    Flexor set procedure FOR MALLET TOE CORRECTION.

      56. First Metatarsal Exostectomy

      57. Endoscopic Plantar Fasciotomy

      58. Gait Demonstration

      59. Hammertoe Correction

      60. Lapidus Procedure

      61. Great Toe Implant for Hallux Limitus
    Treatment of Hallux Rigidus using the hemi-arthroplasty technique with insertion of titanium implant into the base of the proximal phalanx of the hallux.

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